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1 Oct 2007

I was checking the Vermont Department of Tourism's website this evening and was quite struck with this photograph. It's not a "gee whiz" spectacular vista, just a pleasant, classic Vermont country road scene. At first I thought I might know where this road is (North Road from Bethel to Barnard) but I'm not at all sure because I began remembering other roads that look similar. However, no matter where you are in Vermont, there are pretty drives nearby - just ask your friendly innkeepers - they are used to being asked and will probably have several ideas for you.

By the way, the Vermont Vacation website is a tremendous resource and I recommend it highly.

(c) 2007 [except the photograph] Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus Inn
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25 Sep 2007
Lake Champlain Sunsets

Lake Champlain Sunset

I guess it is water vapor in the air over Lake Champlain that creates the sunsets seen there frequently (one more thing I should look up someday). We often suggest to our guests a short trip to Burlington because it is such an interesting city, has much to see and do, good restaurants, and a nice lakefront park from which to watch the sunset. Every evening in nice weather, you will see people coming to the park and finding a bench to watch.

Pictured above is today's photo from one of my favorite Vermont blogs, Megapickles. There is a text link to it in the left column of this blog too. Another good sunset photograph called Burlington Harbor was posted August 18.

All the photos are excellent and a new one is added every day. The landscape photos are my favorites - see Jeffersonville Sept 23; Hay Bales August 9; Mt Abraham August 1.

I have taken a few snapshots over the years and I posted some on the Scrapbook page of my inn's web site. Not the same quality as Megapickles but interesting to look at.

(c) 2007 (except the photo) Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus
posted by  grunhaus at  22:16 | permalink

24 Sep 2007
Fall Foliage Is Starting

VermontVacation.com Foliage Forecaster Map

The leaves started to change here about a week and a half ago when we had a short cold snap. I would guess about ten percent of the leaves in my area have changed so far. I think this weekend should be pretty good for color especially at the higher elevations and in the northern part of Vermont about a hour's drive from us.

Our inn has been fully booked this coming weekend and the next. You will find that is true of virtually all lodging places in the northern half of the state. However, weekdays are only partially booked so you should be able to find a room if you can take a day or two off from work. We are about half booked for the second weekend in October but that will be filling in soon.

If you would like to travel to Vermont for one of our most amazing transitions, plan to come midweek or from the second weekend on to the end of the month. However, you should get on the phone and get something pinned down now.

We got a call from a very nice California gentleman this evening who said he was planning to fly in here and drive around New England for a few days without any itinerary. He was just calling to see if fall foliage is a popular time to visit Vermont. We told him it is our busiest time of year. He also wanted suggestions on which dates he should be here which we were happy to give him. We also told him he really, really needed to make reservations now but we were unsuccessful in convincing him. I hope he enjoys his trip to Vermont but I suspect he will not because he will likely have an awful time trying to find a place to stay.

The Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing website has very good updates on the progress of foliage change. It's compiled from reports by state forestry rangers so it's highly reliable.

The same page has an article about why leaves change color and also an animated foliage forecaster that is very helpful in seeing how the foliage changes throughout Vermont during the season. Note the dates to the right of the illustration. You can click on them to freeze the animation.

(c) 2007 Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus
posted by  grunhaus at  23:20 | permalink

24 Sep 2007
At the Risk of Sounding Like A Shill For JetBlue . . .

Fool4Travel logo

I wrote up JetBlue in an August 11 entry this year but I just ran across this article at Fool4Travel about this blogger's recent experience with JetBlue and I thought I would share it. JetBlue has had its share of scheduling catastrophes but compared to other airlines, it's a gem. They have several flights per day between JFK and the Burlington VT (BTV) airport. All our guests who have flown JetBlue have had good experiences with it. Fool4Travel looks like a good blog by the way and you may want to add it to your favorites. I'll be spending some more time looking it over.

(c) 2007 Jeff Connor [Except the illustration above this article which is (c) copyrighted by Fool4Travel Grunberg Haus

posted by  grunhaus at  00:04 | permalink

17 Sep 2007
Moose in Vermont
I've taken a break from blogging recently as you can see. We got slammed (that's a "good thing" as Martha would say) with business over the Labor Day weekend. Now we are in a quiet period before the fall foliage rush and I am scrambling to get some outdoor work done while the weather is good and I have the time. The weather here has been perfect lately with mostly clear days and pleasantly cool temperatures.

One of our guests was asking a little while ago about moose. We often have guests asking about moose but it seems like more than normal lately. This summer, I've been able to tell them that we have one (I think it is probably the same one) around our inn. It has been coming through every two to three weeks but there was one period when I did not see any sign for about five weeks. However, I have seen fresh tracks in the woods and our driveway lately. Yesterday I saw new tracks in the parking lot and along the forest trail up to our cabins. "Our" moose comes through late at night and I see the fresh tracks in the morning.

Although moose can be seen anywhere in Vermont, the best chance to see them is in the "Northeast Kingdom" section of the state, especially the area around the towns of Island Pond, Averill, and Ferdinand. There have been many sightings on Route 2 between St. Johnsbury and Lunenburg, VT. The photo at the top of this blog page was taken on Route 100 between Warren and Granville, a few miles south of our inn.

Female moose are about six to seven feet high and weigh 600 to 800 pounds. Male moose are about seven or eight feet tall and weigh 1000 pounds - that's right, a half ton.

For more about moose in Vermont, see my blog entry dated July 9 of last year. You can use the Blog Archive or Search devices in the right column to go to the article.

(c) 2007 Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus
posted by  grunhaus at  21:44 | permalink

14 Aug 2007
Continental Contretemps

Upside down, backwards, and out of control . . .

In the spirit of being fair to readers, I thought I should let people know what what to look for as well as what to avoid. For airline travel, I covered the what-to-look-for in the Jet Blue article below. On the other hand, you may want to avoid Continental after reading the story about the Continental flight from Caracas to Newark a couple of weeks ago. You can read the story on the Elliott First Aid For Travel blog.

Continental has a Customer First program which states:"Continental Airlines is dedicated to providing a level of service to our customers that makes us a leader in the airline industry today. We understand that to do this we need to have a product we are proud of and employees who like coming to work everyday. Objective evidence shows that we are leading the industry in customer service."

I should mention that Jet Blue had a similar fiasco with unreasonably treated passengers recently and it resulted in the CEO/Founder apologizing and realizing he needed to step down.

True to their characters, Jet Blue stepped up and Continental is unlikely to do so.

You should also note in these false imprisonment fiascoes that the airlines are not alone in their incompetence. The airport managers who don't help by opening a gate or getting buses out to unload passengers are also complicit.

Every company in the world will mess up once in a while or inherit a situation not of their own making. It's how they react to it that matters most.

Continental has flights into Burlington from Boston and Newark. Good luck.

(c) 2007 Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus
posted by  grunhaus at  23:19 | permalink

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