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22 Sep 2008
National Hunting and Fishing Day Open House at Beagle Wear

Fishing and hunting are a big part of Vermont's heritage. For most native Vermonters, hunting is a tradition going back generations. There are many people here who take a week or two of vacation each year to go deer hunting. The regional radio station, WDEV, even broadcasts a few minutes each morning from a deer camp nearby once deer season opens.

VT deer hunting season is coming in the near future and the timing of the National Hunting and Fishing Day is well placed. To celebrate, Beagle Outdoor Wear is holding its annual open house at its store in Johnson VT , about 45 minutes north of us. The event goes from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and features some of the northeast's best hunters such as the Benoit Brothers and Bob Howe from Maine's Pine Grove Lodge.

Everyone is invited to this family event especially young people and adult newcomers who are interested in learning more about outdoor sports and how hunting and fishing affect Vermontís wildlife.

Also attending the event will be VT Fish & Wildlife officials , Kingdom Knives, Outdoors Magazine, Iron Skillet Seasonings, VT Federation of Sportsmen, and the VT Big Game Trophy Club. Beagle Wear will be displaying their jackets and other clothing, some of which will be on sale. Plus, there will be a barbecue and door prizes.

Beagle Wear is traditional VT outdoor clothing manufactured in the USA and guaranteed for life. The company store is open most days but if you can't visit Vermont, you can order from their website.

Beagle Barn, Route 15, a few miles east of Johnson, VT

(c) 2008 Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus Inn
Events , Shopping , VT Products
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21 Sep 2008
Vote for the Best Bear for the Job

Did they have to make the ears stick out so much for the bear on the left? At least the bear on the right does not have age spots.

Who is the best bear to take on a bear of a job? You decide '08 . . . vote by purchasing the Obama Bear or the McCain Bear at Vermont Teddy Bear.

I imagine the company is keeping track of which one sells the most but they don't say anything on their website about releasing the results. It would be an interesting poll.

You can stop in their headquarters store in Shelburne VT, a few miles south of Burlington. You can also tour the factory there. The website link has information about tour and store hours.

VT Teddy Bear also has a store in Waterbury Center VT which has a full selection of bears and costumes plus a Pajama Gram outlet store where you can often find some very good bargains.

If you aren't traveling to Vermont before the election, you can order online of course and put your candidate on display for all to see - much more attention-getting than a bumper sticker or lapel pin.

I hope your candidate wins but, if not, you can curl up with your "best candidate" bear to comfort you through the next four years.

(c) 2008 Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus Inn

Shopping , Unusual , VT Products
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27 Feb 2008
CNN Article On Stephen Huneck Dog Chapel

I've written Vermont Travel Notes entries about Stephen Huneck's unique dog chapel in St. Johnsbury VT as well as his artwork and galleries around the state (the newest is in Stowe). His whimsical and sometimes touching artwork is very popular with dog owners all over the world. As a result, he has received publicity in a large number of places, the most recent being CNN and its website. The article is entitled "Doggy Disneyland draws animals, owners by the pack" and it's a good description of Stephen, his artwork, and his 175 acre farm with widely known dog chapel. It's quite a structure, requiring an expenditure of several hundred thousand dollars, and well worth a visit if you are a dog lover. From our inn, it is a little over a 45 minute drive to Dog Mountain..

Another great place to visit in the St. Johnsbury area is the Fairbanks Museum. I also recommend a drive north to Lake Willoughby and then over to the area around the town of Island Pond to do some moose spotting.

(c) 2008 Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus Inn
Attractions , General , Shopping , Unusual , VT Products
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25 Dec 2007
Waterbury's Alchemist Brew Pub Starts Blogging

The Alchemist brew pub and restaurant in Waterbury has been hugely popular right from day one four years ago. They have about seven excellent brews available including some standards and some specials from time to time. Moreover, they actually have a chef preparing food so the fare there is much better than the average hamburger and fries that most bars have. As a result, it is crowded most nights. If you like craft brewed beers, the Alchemist should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Vermont.

John Kimmick, the brew master, just started a blog and has one entry posted so far. It's a pretty good one as a matter of fact and gives the reader a good insight into what kinds of beers he is offering and some of the thought and work that goes into creating them.

The blog is called Notes from the Brewery and is subtitled "or What's Going on Down Here and Why." (The Brewing equipment is in the basement under the pub.)

I've seen quite a number of Vermont blogs get started only to dwindle quickly. That is why I usually wait until I'm sure the blog will really keep going before I recommend it or add it to my list of links in the left column of this blog. But I'm making an exception this time and we'll see how it works out. John even mentions being busy with work and family so I won't be surprised if the Alchemist blog has only occasional entries but that is OK as long as they are as good as the first one and John keeps writing them once in a while.

In addition to the blog, take a look at The Alchemist website for more information about the brews, the menu, news, operating hours, map, etc.

(c) 2007 Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus Inn
Attractions , Food , General , VT Products
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4 Nov 2007
New Long Trail Map Published by the Green Mountain Club

We're lucky to have the Green Mountain Club offices just a few minutes drive from our inn ( (map here). It is the single best source of information about hiking in Vermont. The club is best known for being the organization that maintains Vermont's Long Trail, the only trail that spans the length of the state from the Massachusetts border to the Canadian border.

The club has just issued its latest version of the Long Trail Map. You can order on the club's website which also has hiking books.

(c) 2007 Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus Inn
VT Products
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25 Oct 2007
Spooky Beer from Magic Hat
The folks at Magic Hat Brewing are known for being, shall we say, a little off beam but they make a high quality product, have fun doing it, and contribute generously to charities.

They produce special runs from time to time and here is their Halloween seasonal offering:

The beer is great plus you get a distinctive box you can use to store your Halloween decorations.

They have a factory tour, tastings, and souvenir shop at their South Burlington factory.

(c) Jeff Connor Grunberg Haus Vermont Inn
VT Products
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